1996-01-23 paulson 1996-01-23 Stylistic changes to discussion of pattern-matching
1996-01-01 nipkow 1996-01-01 Modified non-empty-types warning in HOL.
1995-12-23 nipkow 1995-12-23 New version of type sections and many small changes.
1995-12-07 clasohm 1995-12-07 removed quotes from consts and syntax sections
1995-08-18 nipkow 1995-08-18 updated "o" in HOL: (infixl 55) added warning about conj_cong in HOL.
1995-06-29 clasohm 1995-06-29 changed 'chol' labels to 'hol'; added a few parentheses
1995-06-29 clasohm 1995-06-29 changes made by Lawrence Paulson
1995-05-09 clasohm 1995-05-09 converted HOL.tex to CHOL.tex; replaced HOL.tex by CHOL.tex