7 months ago wenzelm 2018-12-08 discontinued somewhat point dmg: plain .tar.gz is smaller and more convenient to install;
7 months ago wenzelm 2018-12-05 eliminated old makedist_bundle and remote_dmg: build_release does everything in Scala; more robust components and classpath via Other_Isabelle; updated macos_app to include full dmg template; misc tuning and clarification;
2015-09-30 wenzelm 2015-09-30 back to old JavaAppLauncher to avoid initial startup problems (due to unsigned application?);
2015-09-16 wenzelm 2015-09-16 more recent JavaAppLauncher, which supports file associations;
2013-07-16 wenzelm 2013-07-16 fully-automated packaging (requires Mac OS X);