2016-03-26 wenzelm 2016-03-26 obsolete -- done in Isabelle_Process.init_options;
2016-03-26 wenzelm 2016-03-26 clarified use of options;
2016-03-26 wenzelm 2016-03-26 tuned signature;
2016-03-18 wenzelm 2016-03-18 clarified modules;
2016-03-15 wenzelm 2016-03-15 ML save_state under control of Isabelle/Scala;
2016-03-12 wenzelm 2016-03-12 clarified session build options: already provided by ML_Process; tuned signature;
2016-02-29 wenzelm 2016-02-29 redundant -- already part of Session.finish;
2016-02-29 wenzelm 2016-02-29 save heap more directly;
2015-10-10 wenzelm 2015-10-10 more explicit HTML.symbols; tuned signature;
2015-10-09 wenzelm 2015-10-09 output HTML text according to Isabelle/Scala Symbol.Interpretation;
2015-01-25 wenzelm 2015-01-25 discontinued obsolete option "document_graph";
2015-01-25 wenzelm 2015-01-25 provide session_graph.pdf via Isabelle/Scala;
2015-01-15 wenzelm 2015-01-15 more informative build_theories_result: cumulative Runtime.exn_message;
2015-01-15 wenzelm 2015-01-15 tuned;
2015-01-14 wenzelm 2015-01-14 clarified build_theories: proper protocol handler;
2015-01-14 wenzelm 2015-01-14 clarified build_theories;
2015-01-13 wenzelm 2015-01-13 some support for PIDE batch session; clarified Thy_Info.use_thys_options and corresponding protocol command;
2014-12-22 wenzelm 2014-12-22 system option "pretty_margin" is superseded by "thy_output_margin";
2014-12-18 wenzelm 2014-12-18 suppress irrelevant timing messages (the majority);
2014-11-26 wenzelm 2014-11-26 renamed "pairself" to "apply2", in accordance to @{apply 2};
2014-11-07 wenzelm 2014-11-07 plain value Keywords.keywords, which might be used outside theory for bootstrap purposes; plain value Outer_Syntax within theory: parsing requires current theory context; clarified name of Keyword.is_literal according to its semantics; eliminated pointless type Keyword.T; simplified @{command_spec}; clarified bootstrap keywords and syntax: take it as basis instead of side-branch;
2014-10-31 wenzelm 2014-10-31 discontinued pointless option: timing is always on (overall theory only);
2014-04-22 wenzelm 2014-04-22 tuned;
2014-04-17 wenzelm 2014-04-17 tuned comments;
2014-04-17 wenzelm 2014-04-17 tuned;
2014-04-17 wenzelm 2014-04-17 tuned;
2014-04-11 wenzelm 2014-04-11 explicit 'document_files' in session ROOT specifications; clarified Isabelle_System.copy_file(_base): preserve file-attributes and local directory hierarchy;
2014-04-10 wenzelm 2014-04-10 removed obsolete doc_dump option (see also 892061142ba6);
2014-02-13 wenzelm 2014-02-13 explicit indication that redefining outer syntax commands is not supposed to happen -- NB: interactive mode requires global change of syntax;
2014-02-10 wenzelm 2014-02-10 seal system channels at end of Pure bootstrap -- Isabelle/Scala provides official interfaces;
2013-12-11 wenzelm 2013-12-11 support for polml-5.5.2; support Thread.numPhysicalProcessors of polyml-5.5.2 (according to SVN 1890); clarified max_threads: store plain value internally, reproduce result only on startup, and thus avoid potential system overhead;
2013-11-16 wenzelm 2013-11-16 prefer explicit "document" flag -- eliminated stateful Present.no_document;
2013-08-26 wenzelm 2013-08-26 added SHA1 library integrity test, which is invoked at compile time and Isabelle_Process run-time;
2013-08-02 wenzelm 2013-08-02 tuned signature;
2013-07-19 wenzelm 2013-07-19 just one option "skip_proofs", without direct access within the editor (it makes document processing stateful without strong reasons -- monotonic updates already handle goal forks smoothly);
2013-06-30 wenzelm 2013-06-30 discontinued system option "proofs" -- global state of Proofterm.proofs is persistently compiled into HOL-Proofs image; discontinued unused proofterms for FOL;
2013-06-30 wenzelm 2013-06-30 backout dedd7952a62c: static "proofs" value within theory prevents later inferencing with different configuration;
2013-06-27 wenzelm 2013-06-27 manage option "proofs" within theory context -- with minor overhead for primitive inferences;
2013-05-21 wenzelm 2013-05-21 proper options;
2013-05-17 wenzelm 2013-05-17 proper option quick_and_dirty;
2013-05-17 wenzelm 2013-05-17 discontinued obsolete isabelle usedir, mkdir, make;
2013-05-16 wenzelm 2013-05-16 some system options as context-sensitive config options;
2013-05-12 wenzelm 2013-05-12 some system options as context-sensitive config options;
2013-05-12 wenzelm 2013-05-12 full default options for Isabelle_Process and Build;
2013-04-09 wenzelm 2013-04-09 add command timings (like document command status);
2013-04-09 wenzelm 2013-04-09 just one timing protocol function, with 3 implementations: TTY/PG, PIDE/document, build;
2013-04-09 wenzelm 2013-04-09 clarified protocol_message undefinedness;
2013-03-27 wenzelm 2013-03-27 more ambitious Goal.skip_proofs: covers Goal.prove forms as well, and do not insist in quick_and_dirty (for the sake of Isabelle/jEdit);
2013-03-13 wenzelm 2013-03-13 clarified parallel_subproofs_saturation (blind guess) vs. parallel_subproofs_threshold (precient timing estimate); clarified unknown timing vs. zero timing; tuned;
2013-03-12 wenzelm 2013-03-12 discontinued "isabelle usedir" option -r (reset session path); simplified internal session identification: chapter / name; clarified chapter index (of sessions) vs. session index (of theories); discontinued "up" links, for improved modularity also wrt. partial browser_info (users can use "back" within the browser); removed obsolete session parent_path;
2013-03-11 wenzelm 2013-03-11 discontinued "isabelle usedir" option -P (remote path);
2013-02-20 wenzelm 2013-02-20 more tight representation of command timing; tuned signatures; tuned;
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 recover timing information from old log files; use session timing for queue ordering; pass command timings to ML process (still unused);
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 support for build passing timings from Scala to ML;
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 support for prescient timing information within command transactions;
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 emit command_timing properties into build log; tuned;
2013-01-24 wenzelm 2013-01-24 more efficient inlined properties, especially relevant for voluminous tasks trace;
2013-01-18 wenzelm 2013-01-18 use inlined session name as title for charts; tuned signature;
2013-01-18 wenzelm 2013-01-18 more systematic task statistics;
2013-01-12 wenzelm 2013-01-12 immediate theory progress for build_dialog; more formal Bash_Result -- accumulate output as lines;