2015-06-20 wenzelm 2015-06-20 isabelle update_cartouches;
2015-04-11 paulson 2015-04-11 Overloading of ln and powr, but "approximation" no longer works for powr. Code generation also fails due to type ambiguity in scala.
2015-03-09 paulson 2015-03-09 sin, cos generalised from type real to any "'a::{real_normed_field,banach}", including complex
2014-11-12 immler 2014-11-12 truncate intermediate results in horner to improve performance of approximate; more efficient truncated addition float_plus_up/float_plus_down
2014-05-09 haftmann 2014-05-09 prefer separate command for approximation
2013-08-18 wenzelm 2013-08-18 more symbols;
2013-08-13 wenzelm 2013-08-13 standardized symbols via "isabelle update_sub_sup", excluding src/Pure and src/Tools/WWW_Find;
2012-07-24 wenzelm 2012-07-24 modernized imports;
2012-04-18 hoelzl 2012-04-18 use lifting to introduce floating point numbers
2009-09-23 hoelzl 2009-09-23 correct variable order in approximate-method
2009-06-30 hoelzl 2009-06-30 removed latex markup - there is no document generated from Decision_Procs/ex
2009-06-29 hoelzl 2009-06-29 Implemented taylor series expansion for approximation
2009-06-25 hoelzl 2009-06-25 Improved computation of bounds and implemented interval splitting for 'approximation'.
2009-06-04 hoelzl 2009-06-04 Approximation: Implemented argument reduction for cosine. Sinus is now implemented in terms of cosine. Sqrt computes on the entire real numbers
2009-06-03 hoelzl 2009-06-03 Removed usage of reference in reification
2009-03-11 hoelzl 2009-03-11 Extended approximation boundaries by fractions and base-2 floating point numbers
2009-03-11 haftmann 2009-03-11 moved Decision_Procs examples to Decision_Procs/ex