1994-08-12 lcp 1994-08-12 installation of new inductive/datatype sections
1994-07-29 lcp 1994-07-29 Inductive defs need no longer mention SigmaI/E2
1994-07-15 clasohm 1994-07-15 added thy_name to Datatype_Fun's parameter
1994-07-01 clasohm 1994-07-01 changed syntax of datatype declaration
1994-03-17 lcp 1994-03-17 Improved layout for inductive defs
1993-10-28 lcp 1993-10-28 minor changes e.g. datatype_elims
1993-10-22 lcp 1993-10-22 sample datatype defs now use datatype_intrs, datatype_elims
1993-10-15 lcp 1993-10-15 ZF/ex/tf/tree,forest_unfold: streamlined the proofs Updated other inductive def examples as per changes in the package.
1993-09-30 lcp 1993-09-30 ex/{bin.ML,comb.ML,prop.ML}: replaced NewSext by Syntax.simple_sext ex/prop-log/hyps_thms_if: split up the fast_tac call for more speed called expandshort
1993-09-17 lcp 1993-09-17 Installation of new simplifier for ZF/ex. The hom_ss example in misc.ML is particularly delicate. There is a variable renaming problem in ramsey.ML/pigeon2_lemma. In some cases, rewriting by typechecking rules had to be replaced by setsolver type_auto_tac... because only the solver can instantiate variables.
1993-09-16 clasohm 1993-09-16 Initial revision