1994-03-17 lcp 1994-03-17 Improved layout for inductive defs
1993-11-30 lcp 1993-11-30 ZF/ex/llist_eq/lleq_Int_Vset_subset_lemma, ZF/ex/counit/counit2_Int_Vset_subset_lemma: now uses QPair_Int_Vset_subset_UN ZF/ex/llistfn/flip_llist_quniv_lemma: now uses transfinite induction and QPair_Int_Vset_subset_UN ZF/ex/llist/llist_quniv_lemma: now uses transfinite induction and QPair_Int_Vset_subset_UN
1993-11-15 lcp 1993-11-15 changed all co- and co_ to co ZF/ex/llistfn: new coinduction example: flip ZF/ex/llist_eq: now uses standard pairs not qpairs
1993-11-08 lcp 1993-11-08 Minor changes; addition of counit.ML
1993-10-22 lcp 1993-10-22 sample datatype defs now use datatype_intrs, datatype_elims
1993-10-06 clasohm 1993-10-06 changed filenames to lower case name of theory the file contains (only one theory per file, therefore llist.ML has been split)