1997-04-30 paulson 1997-04-30 Now modified for sml/nj 109.27
1996-12-16 wenzelm 1996-12-16 added needs_filtered_use;
1996-12-03 paulson 1996-12-03 Simplified file_info using OS.FileSys instead of Posix.FileSys (also for MLWorks compatibility)
1996-12-02 paulson 1996-12-02 Made comments more explicit
1996-11-27 paulson 1996-11-27 Compatibility with SML/NJ 109, and some compatibility with later versions
1996-11-01 paulson 1996-11-01 Now defines structure Int
1996-10-18 paulson 1996-10-18 Moving the CPUtimer declaration into cond_timeit should prevent the problems that caused exn TIME to be raised
1996-10-14 paulson 1996-10-14 Removed call to obsolete totalCPUTimer function
1996-10-09 paulson 1996-10-09 cond_timeit now catches exception Time, which sml/nj sometimes raised for no obvious reason
1996-03-14 clasohm 1996-03-14 added @SMLdebug=/dev/null to supress GC messages
1996-02-13 clasohm 1996-02-13 cond_timeit now uses totalCPUTimer instead of starting new ones every time it is invoked; hopefully this will fix the strange SML109 bug
1996-02-06 clasohm 1996-02-06 made Isabelle compatible with SML/NJ 1.09