1997-03-05 paulson 1997-03-05 Added comment
1996-12-16 wenzelm 1996-12-16 added needs_filtered_use;
1996-11-27 paulson 1996-11-27 Basis library emulation, especially of I/O operations
1996-11-01 paulson 1996-11-01 Now defines structure Int
1996-02-06 clasohm 1996-02-06 made Isabelle compatible with SML/NJ 1.09
1996-01-15 clasohm 1996-01-15 beautified file_info a bit
1996-01-15 clasohm 1996-01-15 fixed bug in file_info
1996-01-09 clasohm 1996-01-09 simplified file_info by using System.filedate
1995-10-24 clasohm 1995-10-24 added "execute"
1994-05-26 clasohm 1994-05-26 changed use_string's type to string list -> unit because POLY can only handle one command per string
1994-05-19 clasohm 1994-05-19 added use_string: string -> unit to execute ML commands passed in a string
1993-11-09 clasohm 1993-11-09 fixed a bug in POLY.ML: delete_file didn't close streams; added function pwd to get current working directory
1993-10-22 clasohm 1993-10-22 delete_file now has type string -> unit in both NJ and POLY, use of Pure/Thy/ROOT has been moved to the end of Pure/ROOT again
1993-10-21 lcp 1993-10-21 /NJ,POLY/delete_file: new
1993-10-15 clasohm 1993-10-15 file_info now returns a string that does not contain the path/filename (so the string doesn't change when the relative path does)
1993-10-04 wenzelm 1993-10-04 Pure/ROOT.ML cleaned comments; removed extraneous 'print_depth 1'; replaced Basic_Syntax by BasicSyntax added 'use "install_pp.ML"'; Pure/README fixed comments; Pure/POLY.ML Pure/NJ.ML make_pp: added fbrk; Pure/install_pp.ML replaced "Ast" by "Syntax"; Pure/sign.ML added 'quote' to some error msgs;
1993-09-16 clasohm 1993-09-16 Initial revision