2003-02-08 paulson 2003-02-08 converting HOL/UNITY to use unconditional fairness
2003-02-04 paulson 2003-02-04 some x-symbols
2003-01-31 paulson 2003-01-31 conversion to new-style theories and tidying
2003-01-30 paulson 2003-01-30 converting more UNITY theories to new-style
2000-10-18 wenzelm 2000-10-18 use Multiset from HOL/Library;
2000-06-02 paulson 2000-06-02 new parent MultisetOrder and new results about multiset unions
2000-05-24 paulson 2000-05-24 restructuring: LessThan.ML mostly moved to HOL/SetInterval.ML
2000-01-14 paulson 2000-01-14 still working; a bit of polishing
2000-01-13 paulson 2000-01-13 working version, with Alloc now working on the same state space as the whole system. Partial removal of ELT.
1999-12-22 paulson 1999-12-22 Working version after a FAILED attempt to base Follows upon LeadsETo
1999-06-10 paulson 1999-06-10 shortened Follows to Fols
1999-05-24 paulson 1999-05-24 Theory of the "Follows" relation