2011-05-02 wenzelm 2011-05-02 added Attrib.setup_config_XXX conveniences, with implicit setup of the background theory; proper name bindings;
2011-05-01 blanchet 2011-05-01 added a hint to Metis errors suggesting metisFT -- it sometimes work
2011-04-16 wenzelm 2011-04-16 modernized structure Proof_Context;
2011-04-14 blanchet 2011-04-14 removed obsolete Skolem counter in new Skolemizer
2011-04-14 blanchet 2011-04-14 improve definitional CNF on goal by moving "not" past the quantifiers
2010-11-23 blanchet 2010-11-23 added "verbose" option to Metis to shut up its warnings if necessary
2010-10-29 blanchet 2010-10-29 ensure that MESON correctly preserves the name of variables (needed by the new Skolemizer)
2010-10-29 blanchet 2010-10-29 prevent type errors because of inconsistent skolem Var types by giving fresh indices to Skolems
2010-10-26 blanchet 2010-10-26 renaming
2010-10-11 blanchet 2010-10-11 added "trace_meson" configuration option, replacing old-fashioned reference
2010-10-11 blanchet 2010-10-11 added "trace_metis" configuration option, replacing old-fashioned references
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 move code from "Metis_Tactics" to "Metis_Reconstruct"
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 get rid of function that duplicates existing Pure functionality
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 added a few FIXMEs
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 tuned comments
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 hide uninteresting MESON/Metis constants and facts and remove "meson_" prefix to (now hidden) fact names
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 clean up debugging output
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 got rid of overkill "meson_choice" attribute; tuning
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 move Metis into Plain