1997-02-12 nipkow 1997-02-12 New class "order" and accompanying changes.
1996-10-07 paulson 1996-10-07 Removed commands made redundant by new one-point rules
1996-09-05 paulson 1996-09-05 Miniscoping rules are deleted, as these brittle proofs would otherwise have to be entirely redone
1996-07-30 berghofe 1996-07-30 Classical tactics now use default claset.
1996-04-23 oheimb 1996-04-23 repaired critical proofs depending on the order inside non-confluent SimpSets
1996-01-30 clasohm 1996-01-30 expanded tabs
1995-11-18 nipkow 1995-11-18 Half a lexical analyzer generator.