1996-03-15 paulson 1996-03-15 Updated for new file search.ML
1996-03-01 paulson 1996-03-01 Theories are now in theory.ML
1996-02-16 paulson 1996-02-16 Elimination of fully-functorial style. Type tactic changed to a type abbrevation (from a datatype). Constructor tactic and function apply deleted.
1996-01-18 paulson 1996-01-18 New version number
1995-12-22 paulson 1995-12-22 Now loads symtab.ML before term.ML. Functor > SymtabFun has been changed to the structure Symtab.
1995-08-14 paulson 1995-08-14 updated version number to revision 4
1995-04-28 nipkow 1995-04-28 Added functor f() = struct end to hide functors to save space.
1995-04-25 lcp 1995-04-25 updated version
1995-03-03 clasohm 1995-03-03 added CPure (curried functions) and ProtoPure (ancestor of Pure and CPure)
1995-02-27 lcp 1995-02-27 Updated the "version" variable (which was never done for Isabelle-94 revisions 1 and 2!)
1994-10-12 wenzelm 1994-10-12 AxClass no longer open;
1994-09-26 wenzelm 1994-09-26 added init_database (somewhat experimental);
1994-09-13 lcp 1994-09-13 updated the identifier "version"
1994-05-26 wenzelm 1994-05-26 added "axclass.ML", structure AxClass;
1993-10-28 lcp 1993-10-28 updated version to October 93
1993-10-22 clasohm 1993-10-22 delete_file now has type string -> unit in both NJ and POLY, use of Pure/Thy/ROOT has been moved to the end of Pure/ROOT again
1993-10-04 wenzelm 1993-10-04 Pure/ROOT.ML cleaned comments; removed extraneous 'print_depth 1'; replaced Basic_Syntax by BasicSyntax added 'use "install_pp.ML"'; Pure/README fixed comments; Pure/POLY.ML Pure/NJ.ML make_pp: added fbrk; Pure/install_pp.ML replaced "Ast" by "Syntax"; Pure/sign.ML added 'quote' to some error msgs;
1993-09-16 clasohm 1993-09-16 moved use of Thy/ROOT.ML to end of file because Thy/read.ML needs Thm
1993-09-16 clasohm 1993-09-16 Initial revision