1997-11-21 wenzelm 1997-11-21 changed Sequence interface (now Seq, in seq.ML);
1997-10-24 wenzelm 1997-10-24 ProtoPure.thy;
1997-09-11 wenzelm 1997-09-11 removed print_goals_ref (which was broken anyway);
1997-07-23 paulson 1997-07-23 Removal of tactical STATE
1997-03-18 paulson 1997-03-18 A more explicit prefix because gensym now generates easily predicatable identifiers
1997-02-21 paulson 1997-02-21 Replaced "flat" by the Basis Library function List.concat
1997-02-15 oheimb 1997-02-15 added THEN_MAYBE and THEN_MAYBE'
1997-02-04 paulson 1997-02-04 Gradual switching to Basis Library functions nth, drop, etc.
1996-11-27 paulson 1996-11-27 Converted I/O operatios for Basis Library compatibility
1996-11-04 paulson 1996-11-04 Renamed SELECT_GOAL's new parameter from x to selct to avoid clashes
1996-09-23 paulson 1996-09-23 Optimized version of SELECT_GOAL, up to 10% faster
1996-04-04 paulson 1996-04-04 Fixed error in CHANGED (caused by variable renaming)
1996-03-15 paulson 1996-03-15 Search tacticals moved to search.ML
1996-02-16 paulson 1996-02-16 Elimination of fully-functorial style. Type tactic changed to a type abbrevation (from a datatype). Constructor tactic and function apply deleted.
1996-01-29 clasohm 1996-01-29 inserted tabs again
1996-01-29 clasohm 1996-01-29 removed tabs
1995-03-03 clasohm 1995-03-03 added CPure (curried functions) and ProtoPure (ancestor of Pure and CPure)
1994-11-22 lcp 1994-11-22 Pure/tctical/protect_subgoal: simplified to use Sequence.hd Pure/tctical/DEPTH_FIRST: now suppresses duplicate solutions
1994-11-14 lcp 1994-11-14 Pure/tctical/select: now uses cprems_of instead of prems_of and cterm_of: new SELECT_GOAL is MUCH faster
1994-10-31 lcp 1994-10-31 Pure/tctical/THEN_ELSE: new
1994-10-12 lcp 1994-10-12 Pure/tctical/suppress_tracing: new; can now switch tracing off until the next tactical call. There is no good way of doing this because of backtracking. Pure/tctical/exec_trace_command,tracify,traced_tac: these set, test and reset suppress_tracing
1994-01-18 lcp 1994-01-18 Many other files modified as follows: s|Sign.cterm|cterm|g s|Sign.ctyp|ctyp|g s|Sign.rep_cterm|rep_cterm|g s|Sign.rep_ctyp|rep_ctyp|g s|Sign.pprint_cterm|pprint_cterm|g s|Sign.pprint_ctyp|pprint_ctyp|g s|Sign.string_of_cterm|string_of_cterm|g s|Sign.string_of_ctyp|string_of_ctyp|g s|Sign.term_of|term_of|g s|Sign.typ_of|typ_of|g s|Sign.read_cterm|read_cterm|g s|Sign.read_insts|read_insts|g s|Sign.cfun|cterm_fun|g
1993-10-21 lcp 1993-10-21 Pure/drule/print_goals_ref: new, for Centaur interface Pure/tctical/tracify,print_tac: now call !print_goals_ref Pure/goals/print_top,prepare_proof: now call !print_goals_ref
1993-10-06 lcp 1993-10-06 tctical/dummy_quant_rl: specifies type prop to avoid the type variable ?'a from occurring -- which sometimes caused SELECT_GOAL to fail
1993-09-16 clasohm 1993-09-16 Initial revision