2009-09-29 wenzelm 2009-09-29 explicit indication of Unsynchronized.ref;
2009-09-22 Philipp Meyer 2009-09-22 used standard fold function and type aliases
2009-09-21 Philipp Meyer 2009-09-21 sos method generates and uses proof certificates
2009-08-26 boehmes 2009-08-26 added further conversions and conversionals
2009-07-09 wenzelm 2009-07-09 renamed functor TableFun to Table, and GraphFun to Graph;
2009-05-12 chaieb 2009-05-12 A generic arithmetic prover based on Positivstellensatz certificates --- also implements Fourrier-Motzkin elimination as a special case Fourrier-Motzkin elimination