2013-09-18 traytel 2013-09-18 tuned proofs
2013-08-30 blanchet 2013-08-30 tuned theory name
2013-08-30 blanchet 2013-08-30 moved keywords down the hierarchy
2013-08-30 blanchet 2013-08-30 renamed command to clarify connection with BNF
2013-08-30 blanchet 2013-08-30 rationalized files
2013-08-08 traytel 2013-08-08 theorems relating {c,d}tor_(un)fold/(co)rec and {c,d}tor_map
2013-07-25 traytel 2013-07-25 transfer rule for {c,d}tor_{,un}fold
2013-07-13 traytel 2013-07-13 got rid of in_bd BNF property (derivable from set_bd+map_cong+map_comp+map_id)
2013-07-11 traytel 2013-07-11 some new lemmas towards getting rid of in_bd BNF property; tuned
2013-05-01 blanchet 2013-05-01 renamed a few FP-related files, to make it clear that these are not the sum of LFP + GFP but rather shared basic libraries
2013-04-29 blanchet 2013-04-29 renamed BNF "(co)data" commands to names that are closer to their final names
2013-04-23 traytel 2013-04-23 (co)rec is (just as the (un)fold) the unique morphism;
2012-09-28 blanchet 2012-09-28 killed temporary "data_raw" and "codata_raw" now that the examples have been ported to "data" and "codata"
2012-09-21 blanchet 2012-09-21 tuned whitespace
2012-09-21 blanchet 2012-09-21 renamed "Codatatype" directory "BNF" (and corresponding session) -- this opens the door to no-nonsense session names like "HOL-BNF-LFP"