2017-02-07 haftmann 2017-02-07 dedicated computation preprocessing rules for nat, int implemented by target language literals
2016-10-16 haftmann 2016-10-16 more standardized theorem names for facts involving the div and mod identity
2016-06-23 haftmann 2016-06-23 avoid overlapping equations for gcd, lcm on integers
2015-12-18 Andreas Lochbihler 2015-12-18 add gcd instance for integer and serialisation to target language operations
2015-09-27 haftmann 2015-09-27 monomorphization of divmod wrt. code generation avoids costly dictionary unpacking at runtime
2015-08-08 haftmann 2015-08-08 direct bootstrap of integer division from natural division
2015-06-17 wenzelm 2015-06-17 isabelle update_cartouches;
2014-11-02 wenzelm 2014-11-02 modernized header;
2014-08-31 haftmann 2014-08-31 convenient printing of (- 1 :: integer) after code evaluation
2014-07-04 haftmann 2014-07-04 reduced name variants for assoc and commute on plus and mult
2014-03-06 blanchet 2014-03-06 renamed 'map_pair' to 'map_prod'
2014-02-25 kuncar 2014-02-25 unregister lifting setup following the best practice of Lifting
2014-01-01 haftmann 2014-01-01 examples how to avoid the "code, code del" antipattern
2013-12-17 haftmann 2013-12-17 avoid clashes of fact names
2013-11-19 haftmann 2013-11-19 eliminiated neg_numeral in favour of - (numeral _)
2013-10-31 haftmann 2013-10-31 moving generic lemmas out of theory parity, disregarding some unused auxiliary lemmas; tuned presburger
2013-08-18 haftmann 2013-08-18 execution of int division by class semiring_numeral_div, replacing pdivmod by divmod_abs
2013-06-23 haftmann 2013-06-23 migration from code_(const|type|class|instance) to code_printing and from code_module to code_identifier
2013-02-15 haftmann 2013-02-15 two target language numeral types: integer and natural, as replacement for code_numeral; former theory HOL/Library/Code_Numeral_Types replaces HOL/Code_Numeral; refined stack of theories implementing int and/or nat by target language numerals; reduced number of target language numeral types to exactly one
2013-02-14 haftmann 2013-02-14 type lifting setup for code numeral types
2013-02-13 haftmann 2013-02-13 explicit conversion integer_of_nat already in Code_Numeral_Types; tuned code postprocessor setup: present arithmetic results as plain numerals without conversions
2012-11-08 haftmann 2012-11-08 refined stack of library theories implementing int and/or nat by target language numerals