2014-11-07 wenzelm 2014-11-07 plain value Keywords.keywords, which might be used outside theory for bootstrap purposes; plain value Outer_Syntax within theory: parsing requires current theory context; clarified name of Keyword.is_literal according to its semantics; eliminated pointless type Keyword.T; simplified @{command_spec}; clarified bootstrap keywords and syntax: take it as basis instead of side-branch;
2014-11-06 wenzelm 2014-11-06 simplified keyword kinds; more explicit bootstrap syntax;
2014-11-05 wenzelm 2014-11-05 tuned signature;
2014-08-13 wenzelm 2014-08-13 tuned comments;
2014-05-07 wenzelm 2014-05-07 tuned signature;
2014-05-06 wenzelm 2014-05-06 tuned;
2014-05-05 wenzelm 2014-05-05 expose interrupts more like ML version, but not in managed bash processes of Build;
2014-05-05 wenzelm 2014-05-05 tuned signature;
2014-05-05 wenzelm 2014-05-05 tuned signature;
2014-05-02 wenzelm 2014-05-02 more robust interrupt handling for Scala_Console, which uses JVM Thread.interrupt instead of POSIX SIGINT;
2014-05-02 wenzelm 2014-05-02 prefer scala.Console with its support for thread-local redirection;
2014-05-02 wenzelm 2014-05-02 discontinued adhoc check (see also ea8343187225);
2014-04-30 wenzelm 2014-04-30 some support for session-qualified theories: allow to refer to resources via qualified name instead of odd file-system path;
2014-04-29 wenzelm 2014-04-29 more systematic Isabelle output, like in classic Isabelle/ML (without markup);
2014-04-29 wenzelm 2014-04-29 tuned signature -- accomodate operations of ROOT files;
2014-04-29 wenzelm 2014-04-29 tuned -- prefer Isabelle/Scala operations;
2014-04-23 wenzelm 2014-04-23 interruptible dependencies, which can take a few seconds;
2014-04-23 wenzelm 2014-04-23 more abstract Exn.Interrupt and POSIX return code;
2014-04-11 wenzelm 2014-04-11 explicit 'document_files' in session ROOT specifications; clarified Isabelle_System.copy_file(_base): preserve file-attributes and local directory hierarchy;
2014-04-08 wenzelm 2014-04-08 more precise token positions;
2014-04-05 wenzelm 2014-04-05 more standard Isabelle_System.tmp_file and tmp_dir operations, in accordance to ML version;
2014-04-03 wenzelm 2014-04-03 more abstract Prover.Syntax, as proposed by Carst Tankink;
2014-04-03 wenzelm 2014-04-03 tuned signature (see also 0850d43cb355);
2014-04-02 wenzelm 2014-04-02 more explicit iterator terminology, in accordance to Scala 2.8 library; clarified Graph.keys_iterator vs. Graph.keys, with subtle change of semantics; tuned output;
2014-03-18 wenzelm 2014-03-18 clarifed module name;
2014-02-20 wenzelm 2014-02-20 tuned imports;
2014-02-14 wenzelm 2014-02-14 more integrity checks of theory names vs. full node names;
2014-01-06 wenzelm 2014-01-06 more informative error message;
2013-11-21 wenzelm 2013-11-21 actually expose errors of cumulative theory dependencies; more informative error messages;
2013-11-18 wenzelm 2013-11-18 clarified Thy_Load.node_name;
2013-09-16 wenzelm 2013-09-16 adhoc check of ML sources, in addition to thy files already covered in Thy_Load;
2013-06-24 wenzelm 2013-06-24 improved "isabelle keywords" and "isabelle update_keywords" based on Isabelle/Scala, without requiring to build sessions first; tuned signature;
2013-05-22 wenzelm 2013-05-22 tuned signature;
2013-05-22 wenzelm 2013-05-22 more informative Build.build_results; tuned;
2013-05-18 wenzelm 2013-05-18 discontinued odd workaround for scala-2.10.0-RC1;
2013-05-17 wenzelm 2013-05-17 timeout counts as regular error, with rc = 1 (cf. special Exn.Interrupt vs. regular TimeLimit.TimeOut in Isabelle/ML);
2013-05-14 wenzelm 2013-05-14 tuned signature;
2013-05-14 wenzelm 2013-05-14 more robust load_timings: ignore JVM errors such as java.lang.OutOfMemoryError;
2013-05-14 wenzelm 2013-05-14 more frugal line termination, to cope with huge log files (see also 016cb7d8f297);
2013-05-13 wenzelm 2013-05-13 limit build process output, to avoid bombing Isabelle/Scala process by ill-behaved jobs (e.g. Containers in AFP/9025435b29cf);
2013-04-09 wenzelm 2013-04-09 tuned signature;
2013-03-27 wenzelm 2013-03-27 discontinued obsolete parallel_proofs_reuse_timing;
2013-03-13 wenzelm 2013-03-13 more accurate handling of global browser info at the very end (without races), subject to no_build and info.browser_info;
2013-03-12 wenzelm 2013-03-12 include session description in chapter index; prefer alphabetical order;
2013-03-12 wenzelm 2013-03-12 discontinued "isabelle usedir" option -r (reset session path); simplified internal session identification: chapter / name; clarified chapter index (of sessions) vs. session index (of theories); discontinued "up" links, for improved modularity also wrt. partial browser_info (users can use "back" within the browser); removed obsolete session parent_path;
2013-03-11 wenzelm 2013-03-11 support for 'chapter' specifications within session ROOT;
2013-02-28 wenzelm 2013-02-28 load timings in parallel for improved performance;
2013-02-27 wenzelm 2013-02-27 eliminated pointless re-ified errors;
2013-02-27 wenzelm 2013-02-27 discontinued obsolete header "files" -- these are loaded explicitly after exploring dependencies;
2013-02-27 wenzelm 2013-02-27 discontinued obsolete 'uses' within theory header;
2013-02-23 wenzelm 2013-02-23 clarified Progress.stopped: rising edge only; also cancel jobs that have not been considered yet;
2013-02-23 wenzelm 2013-02-23 more explicit console interrupt handling;
2013-02-22 wenzelm 2013-02-22 more robust load_timings: ignore XML.Decode errors as well;
2013-02-20 wenzelm 2013-02-20 option parallel_proofs_reuse_timing controls reuse of log information -- since it is not always beneficial for performance;
2013-02-20 wenzelm 2013-02-20 prefer outdegree in comparison again (cf. 88c96e836ed6) -- NB: big jobs might hide behind small ones in this naive queuing scheme;
2013-02-20 wenzelm 2013-02-20 prefer comparison of session timing, if this is known already; some odd workarounds to prevent crashes due to TreeSet.- sometimes not deleting the element;
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 help JVM to cope with large symbolic structures;
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 read logs from failed sessions as well; proper output base directory (which is two steps upwards);
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 recover timing information from old log files; use session timing for queue ordering; pass command timings to ML process (still unused);
2013-02-19 wenzelm 2013-02-19 support for build passing timings from Scala to ML;