2000-08-11 paulson 2000-08-11 new theory Integ/IntDiv and many more monotonicity laws, etc., for the integers
2000-08-10 paulson 2000-08-10 installation of cancellation simprocs for the integers
2000-08-07 paulson 2000-08-07 instantiated Cancel_Numerals for "nat" in ZF
2000-08-02 paulson 2000-08-02 coercion "intify" to remove type constraints from integer algebraic laws
2000-07-14 paulson 2000-07-14 changed the quotient syntax from / to //
1998-09-25 paulson 1998-09-25 Renaming of Integ/Integ.* to Integ/Int.*, and renaming of related constants