2008-10-10 haftmann 2008-10-10 `code func` now just `code`
2008-07-18 haftmann 2008-07-18 moved op dvd to theory Ring_and_Field; generalized a couple of lemmas
2008-07-07 haftmann 2008-07-07 absolute imports of HOL/*.thy theories
2008-06-26 haftmann 2008-06-26 established Plain theory and image
2008-02-26 haftmann 2008-02-26 some more primrec
2008-02-17 huffman 2008-02-17 New simpler representation of numerals, using Bit0 and Bit1 instead of BIT, B0, and B1
2007-06-14 wenzelm 2007-06-14 tuned proofs;
2007-04-26 haftmann 2007-04-26 moved code generation pretty integers and characters to separate theories