8 months ago haftmann 2018-11-18 removed legacy input syntax
8 months ago nipkow 2018-11-01 too many clashes with "root" on reals
8 months ago nipkow 2018-11-01 added and renamed functions
23 months ago wenzelm 2017-08-18 session-qualified theory imports: isabelle imports -U -i -d '~~/src/Benchmarks' -a;
2017-06-10 eberlm 2017-06-10 More rules for Probability/Tree_Space
2017-06-09 eberlm 2017-06-09 Cleaned up and extended Probability/Tree_Space
2017-06-09 hoelzl 2017-06-09 HOL-Probability: use tree datastructure from Libary/Tree; hide left/right/var projections
2017-06-07 hoelzl 2017-06-07 HOL-Probability: add measurable space for trees