2009-05-31 wenzelm 2009-05-31 uniform treatment of shellscript mode;
2009-02-16 blanchet 2009-02-16 Added myself to testing list.
2008-10-11 kleing 2008-10-11 change DISTPREFIX to not use yet another filesystem
2008-10-09 kleing 2008-10-09 do logging to MASTERLOG centrally (avoid multiple writers over NFS as this tends to corrupt the log file if not mounted with -sync option which apparently is not the default any more).
2007-09-30 isatest 2007-09-30 switch notification email back on
2007-09-30 isatest 2007-09-30 fix shell quoting confusion
2007-05-22 krauss 2007-05-22 regression tests: send failure reports to, too
2007-03-05 kleing 2007-03-05 moved all isatest/cron job related files to own directory