2008-01-02 haftmann 2008-01-02 splitted class uminus from class minus
2007-07-20 haftmann 2007-07-20 moved class ord from Orderings.thy to HOL.thy
2007-05-17 haftmann 2007-05-17 canonical prefixing of class constants
2006-03-17 haftmann 2006-03-17 renamed op < <= to Orderings.less(_eq)
2006-03-10 haftmann 2006-03-10 renamed HOL + - * etc. to HOL.minus HOL.times etc.
2005-09-26 obua 2005-09-26 fixed disambiguation problem
2005-08-29 obua 2005-08-29 Updated import.
2005-07-12 avigad 2005-07-12 added lemmas to OrderedGroup.thy (reasoning about signs, absolute value, triangle inequalities) added lemmas to Ring_and_Field.thy (reasoning about signs, fractions, etc.) renamed simplification rules for abs (abs_of_pos, etc.) renamed rules for multiplication and signs (mult_pos_pos, etc.) moved lemmas involving fractions from NatSimprocs.thy added setsum_mono3 to FiniteSet.thy added simplification rules for powers to Parity.thy
2005-04-01 skalberg 2005-04-01 Updated import configuration.
2004-05-21 wenzelm 2004-05-21 updated;
2004-04-17 skalberg 2004-04-17 Minor cleanup of headers and some speedup of the HOL4 import.
2004-04-02 skalberg 2004-04-02 Added HOL proof importer.