2010-03-07 huffman 2010-03-07 generalize some lemmas, and remove a few unnecessary ones
2010-03-04 hoelzl 2010-03-04 Added natfloor and floor rules for multiplication and power.
2010-02-24 huffman 2010-02-24 remove redundant lemma real_minus_half_eq
2010-02-23 huffman 2010-02-23 remove redundant lemma realpow_increasing
2010-02-23 huffman 2010-02-23 remove redundant simp rules from RealPow.thy
2010-02-23 huffman 2010-02-23 moved some lemmas from RealPow to RealDef; changed orientation of real_of_int_power
2010-02-23 huffman 2010-02-23 move float syntax from RealPow to Rational
2010-02-18 huffman 2010-02-18 get rid of many duplicate simp rule warnings
2010-02-13 wenzelm 2010-02-13 modernized structures;
2009-04-29 haftmann 2009-04-29 farewell to class recpower
2009-04-28 haftmann 2009-04-28 collected square lemmas in Nat_Numeral
2009-04-22 haftmann 2009-04-22 power operation defined generic
2009-03-04 huffman 2009-03-04 declare power_Suc [simp]; remove redundant type-specific versions of power_Suc
2009-02-24 huffman 2009-02-24 make more proofs work whether or not One_nat_def is a simp rule
2009-01-28 nipkow 2009-01-28 Replaced group_ and ring_simps by algebra_simps; removed compare_rls - use algebra_simps now
2008-12-03 haftmann 2008-12-03 made repository layout more coherent with logical distribution structure; stripped some $Id$s