2010-05-21 Cezary Kaliszyk 2010-05-21 Let rsp and prs in fun_rel/fun_map format
2010-04-22 Cezary Kaliszyk 2010-04-22 fun_rel introduction and list_rel elimination for quotient package
2010-04-20 Cezary Kaliszyk 2010-04-20 respectfullness and preservation of function composition
2010-04-13 Cezary Kaliszyk 2010-04-13 add If respectfullness and preservation to Quotient package database
2010-04-12 Cezary Kaliszyk 2010-04-12 Changed the type of Quot_True, so that it is an HOL constant.
2010-03-17 blanchet 2010-03-17 renamed "ATP_Linkup" theory to "Sledgehammer"
2010-02-22 huffman 2010-02-22 proper header and subsection headings
2010-02-19 Cezary Kaliszyk 2010-02-19 quote the constant and theorem name with @{text}
2010-02-19 Cezary Kaliszyk 2010-02-19 Initial version of HOL quotient package.