2002-07-10 paulson 2002-07-10 Fixed quantified variable name preservation for ball and bex (bounded quants) Requires tweaking of other scripts. Also routine tidying.
2002-07-09 paulson 2002-07-09 More relativization, reflection and proofs of separation
2002-07-05 paulson 2002-07-05 more internalized formulas and separation proofs
2002-07-01 paulson 2002-07-01 more use of relativized quantifiers list_closed
2002-06-28 paulson 2002-06-28 class quantifiers (some) absoluteness and closure for WFrec-defined functions
2002-06-24 paulson 2002-06-24 development and tweaks
2002-06-19 paulson 2002-06-19 new theory of inner models