2010-12-02 haftmann 2010-12-02 adapted expected value to more idiomatic numeral representation
2010-10-25 bulwahn 2010-10-25 changing test parameters in examples to get to a result within the global timelimit
2010-10-22 bulwahn 2010-10-22 updating to new notation in commented examples
2010-09-30 bulwahn 2010-09-30 adding example for case expressions
2010-09-29 bulwahn 2010-09-29 added test case for predicate arguments in higher-order argument position
2010-09-29 bulwahn 2010-09-29 added a test case to Predicate_Compile_Tests
2010-09-28 bulwahn 2010-09-28 adding test case for interpretation of arguments that are predicates simply as input
2010-09-28 bulwahn 2010-09-28 handling higher-order relations in output terms; improving proof procedure; added test case
2010-09-23 bulwahn 2010-09-23 moving the preprocessing of introduction rules after the code_pred command; added tuple expansion preprocessing of elimination rule
2010-09-23 bulwahn 2010-09-23 splitting Predicate_Compile_Examples into Examples and Predicate_Compile_Tests