2011-09-12 nipkow 2011-09-12 new fastforce replacing fastsimp - less confusing name
2010-11-22 haftmann 2010-11-22 renamed slightly ambivalent crel to effect
2010-09-28 krauss 2010-09-28 no longer declare .psimps rules as [simp]. This regularly caused confusion (e.g., they show up in simp traces when the regular simp rules are disabled). In the few places where the rules are used, explicitly mentioning them actually clarifies the proof text.
2010-07-13 krauss 2010-07-13 Heap_Monad uses Monad_Syntax
2010-07-13 haftmann 2010-07-13 theorem collections do not contain default rules any longer
2010-07-12 haftmann 2010-07-12 split off mrec into separate theory