2007-10-03 wenzelm 2007-10-03 modernized specifications; tuned proofs;
2005-03-29 paulson 2005-03-29 converted HOL-Subst to tactic scripts
2001-12-06 wenzelm 2001-12-06 use Main;
2000-05-15 berghofe 2000-05-15 alist_rec and assoc are now defined using primrec and thus no longer refer to the recursion combinator list_rec, which should be considered internal.
1997-10-10 wenzelm 1997-10-10 fixed dots;
1997-05-21 paulson 1997-05-21 Mostly cosmetic changes: updated headers, ID lines, etc.
1997-05-15 paulson 1997-05-15 New version, modified by Konrad Slind and LCP for TFL
1996-02-05 clasohm 1996-02-05 expanded tabs; incorporated Konrad's changes
1995-03-21 clasohm 1995-03-21 converted Subst with curried function application