2011-04-23 wenzelm 2011-04-23 modernized specifications;
2009-01-27 wenzelm 2009-01-27 recovered example types from WordMain.thy;
2009-01-26 haftmann 2009-01-26 tuned header
2008-02-17 huffman 2008-02-17 New simpler representation of numerals, using Bit0 and Bit1 instead of BIT, B0, and B1
2007-11-02 kleing 2007-11-02 Added reference to Jeremy Dawson's paper on the word library. Added header to remaining word/*.thy files so they show up in toc.
2007-08-28 huffman 2007-08-28 revert to Word library version from 2007/08/20
2007-08-28 huffman 2007-08-28 Word Examples directory