2016-09-01 wenzelm 2016-09-01 separate action; tuned message;
2016-07-12 wenzelm 2016-07-12 added action "isabelle.newline" (shortcut ENTER);
2016-06-06 wenzelm 2016-06-06 added action "";
2015-10-19 wenzelm 2015-10-19 added action "isabelle-emph"; changed shortcut of action "isabelle-reset";
2015-09-21 wenzelm 2015-09-21 clarified isabelle.update-state;
2015-09-21 wenzelm 2015-09-21 added action "isabelle-update-state"; tuned signature;
2015-08-10 wenzelm 2015-08-10 added action to toggle breakpoints (on editor side);
2014-07-23 wenzelm 2014-07-23 added action "isabelle.options" (despite problems with initial window size);
2014-04-15 wenzelm 2014-04-15 explicit menu action to complete word;
2014-04-14 wenzelm 2014-04-14 some actions to maintain spell-checker dictionary;
2014-03-01 wenzelm 2014-03-01 tuned;
2014-02-18 wenzelm 2014-02-18 more uniform treatment of dockables and their standard actions;
2014-02-18 wenzelm 2014-02-18 standardized action and panel names;
2014-02-04 Lars Hupel 2014-02-04 interactive simplifier trace: new panel in Isabelle/jEdit to inspect and modify simplification state
2013-09-21 wenzelm 2013-09-21 removed obsolete README; open Documentation dockable by default;
2013-08-29 wenzelm 2013-08-29 added action isabelle.complete, using standard jEdit keyboard shortcut;
2013-08-23 wenzelm 2013-08-23 added action isabelle.reset-font-size;
2013-08-13 wenzelm 2013-08-13 discontinued special treatment of \<^isub> and \<^isup> in rendering or editor front-end; document antiquotations: renamed term style "isub" to "sub";
2013-08-08 wenzelm 2013-08-08 dockable window for Sledgehammer, based on asynchronous/parallel query operation;
2013-08-02 wenzelm 2013-08-02 dockable window for "find" dialog (GUI only);
2013-07-31 wenzelm 2013-07-31 actions and shortcuts to change node_required status, with painter that looks like CheckBox (non-clickable); just one module for Isabelle/jEdit actions;
2013-07-31 wenzelm 2013-07-31 simplified flag for continuous checking: avoid GUI complexity and slow checking of all theories (including prints);
2013-07-29 wenzelm 2013-07-29 updated key bindings to execution range;
2013-06-25 wenzelm 2013-06-25 dockable window for Isabelle documentation;
2013-06-23 wenzelm 2013-06-23 clones of increase-font-size / decrease-font-size to allow two further shortcuts for various keyboard layouts;
2013-03-26 wenzelm 2013-03-26 dockable window for timing information;
2012-12-10 wenzelm 2012-12-10 stateless dockable window for graphview, which is triggered by the active area of the corresponding diagnostic command;
2012-12-08 wenzelm 2012-12-08 basic monitor panel, using the powerful jfreechart library; sorted Isabelle menu entries -- this is mainly a catalog;
2012-11-30 wenzelm 2012-11-30 renamed dockable "Prover Session" to "Theories"; more uniform Library.lowercase/uppercase;
2012-11-25 wenzelm 2012-11-25 tuned signature;
2012-11-25 wenzelm 2012-11-25 tuned signature;
2012-11-25 wenzelm 2012-11-25 added convenience actions isabelle.increase-font-size and isabelle.decrease-font-size;
2012-11-24 wenzelm 2012-11-24 improved editing support for control styles; separate module for Isabelle actions;
2012-11-21 immler 2012-11-21 dockable with buttons for symbols, grouped and sorted in tabs according to ~~/etc/symbols; search field for symbols
2012-09-27 wenzelm 2012-09-27 removed obsolete Output1 dockable;
2012-09-26 wenzelm 2012-09-26 more uniform graphview terminology;
2012-09-25 wenzelm 2012-09-25 basic integration of graphview into document model; added Graph_Dockable; updated Isabelle/jEdit authors and dependencies etc.;
2012-09-21 wenzelm 2012-09-21 renamed Output to Output1 and Output2 to Output, and thus make the new version the default;
2012-09-16 wenzelm 2012-09-16 alternative output panel, based on Pretty_Text_Area, based on JEditEmbeddedTextArea;
2012-05-29 wenzelm 2012-05-29 separate syslog dockable -- discontinued tendency of sub-window management via tabs;
2012-05-29 wenzelm 2012-05-29 separate README dockable, which allows to make it more prominent first and remove it later;
2011-09-10 wenzelm 2011-09-10 explicit jEdit actions -- to enable key mappings, for example;
2011-08-17 wenzelm 2011-08-17 some convenience actions/shortcuts for control symbols;
2011-06-08 wenzelm 2011-06-08 simplified directory structure;