2016-04-14 wenzelm 2016-04-14 clarified modules;
2015-01-08 wenzelm 2015-01-08 tuned;
2014-04-13 wenzelm 2014-04-13 added dictionaries_selector GUI; tuned;
2013-05-18 wenzelm 2013-05-18 explicit notion of public options, which are shown in the editor options dialog; avoid hard-wired stuff;
2013-03-27 wenzelm 2013-03-27 separate option editor_skip_proofs, to avoid accidental change of preferences for skip_proofs, which would invalidate batch builds;
2013-03-27 wenzelm 2013-03-27 more ambitious Goal.skip_proofs: covers Goal.prove forms as well, and do not insist in quick_and_dirty (for the sake of Isabelle/jEdit);
2013-03-26 wenzelm 2013-03-26 dockable window for timing information;
2013-03-16 wenzelm 2013-03-16 more elementary tooltips via mouse events (imitating parts of javax.swing.ToolTipManager) -- avoid abuse of getToolTipText to produce window as side-effect;
2013-03-13 wenzelm 2013-03-13 clarified parallel_subproofs_saturation (blind guess) vs. parallel_subproofs_threshold (precient timing estimate); clarified unknown timing vs. zero timing; tuned;
2013-01-31 wenzelm 2013-01-31 some native Mac OS X support, notably quit_handler (important for dialog on unsaved changes);
2013-01-03 wenzelm 2013-01-03 always enable Future.ML_statistics where this makes sense -- runtime overhead should be negligible;
2013-01-03 wenzelm 2013-01-03 improved Monitor_Dockable, based on ML_Statistics operations; tuned signature;
2012-12-15 wenzelm 2012-12-15 more general handling of graphics configurations, to increase chance of proper positioning of tooltips in multi-screen environment; more tooltip options via Rendering;
2012-12-13 wenzelm 2012-12-13 smarter handling of tracing messages: prover process pauses and enters user dialog;
2012-12-10 wenzelm 2012-12-10 more generous tracing limit -- rescaled in MB;
2012-12-06 wenzelm 2012-12-06 discontinued option jedit_auto_start, which is somewhat pointless as there is no manual session start within Isabelle/jEdit;
2012-11-28 wenzelm 2012-11-28 some support for ML runtime statistics;
2012-11-25 wenzelm 2012-11-25 renamed main plugin object to PIDE;
2012-11-24 wenzelm 2012-11-24 added option jedit_symbols_search_limit;
2012-11-18 wenzelm 2012-11-18 more generous tracing_limit, with explicit system option;
2012-11-18 wenzelm 2012-11-18 update options via protocol; jEdit dialog for "Parallel Checking" options;
2012-10-22 wenzelm 2012-10-22 further attempts to cope with large files via option jedit_text_overview_limit;
2012-10-05 wenzelm 2012-10-05 eliminated obsolete tooltip delay -- bypassed by Pretty_Tooltip;
2012-10-04 wenzelm 2012-10-04 refined rich tooltip options; basic tooltips without markup;
2012-10-04 wenzelm 2012-10-04 option to bypass potentially slow text overview;
2012-09-22 wenzelm 2012-09-22 Thy_Syntax.consolidate_spans is subject to editor_reparse_limit, for improved experience of unbalanced comments etc.;
2012-09-14 wenzelm 2012-09-14 tuned options (again);
2012-09-14 wenzelm 2012-09-14 more scalable option-group;
2012-09-11 wenzelm 2012-09-11 some GUI support for color options;
2012-09-11 wenzelm 2012-09-11 more options;
2012-09-11 wenzelm 2012-09-11 replaced jedit_relative_font_size by jedit_font_scale;
2012-09-11 wenzelm 2012-09-11 need to provide label via some jEdit property;
2012-09-11 wenzelm 2012-09-11 some support to organize options in sections;
2012-09-10 wenzelm 2012-09-10 option jedit_load_delay; tuned;
2012-09-10 wenzelm 2012-09-10 more systematic JEdit_Options.make_component; separate module Isabelle_Logic;
2012-09-10 wenzelm 2012-09-10 manage Isabelle/jEdit options as Isabelle/Scala options (with persistent preferences);
2011-09-04 wenzelm 2011-09-04 property "tooltip-dismiss-delay" is edited in ms, not seconds; explicit tooltip_dismiss_delay boundaries for further robustness;
2011-08-07 wenzelm 2011-08-07 workaround for Java 1.7 where javax.swing.JComboBox<E> is generic;
2011-06-08 wenzelm 2011-06-08 moved sources -- eliminated Netbeans artifact of jedit package directory;