1999-03-05 berghofe 1999-03-05 Fixed bug in add_datatype_axm: Recursion and case combinators were assigned inconsistent names in quick_and_dirty mode, which caused recdef etc. to crash.
1999-01-12 wenzelm 1999-01-12 get_tthms witness theorems;
1999-01-12 wenzelm 1999-01-12 eliminated tthm type and Attribute structure;
1998-11-16 wenzelm 1998-11-16 Attribute.tthms_of; Theory.copy;
1998-10-21 berghofe 1998-10-21 Changed interface of rep_datatype: Characteristic theorems of datatypes are now specified by xstrings.
1998-10-16 berghofe 1998-10-16 Fixed bug (improper handling of flag flat_names).
1998-10-16 berghofe 1998-10-16 - Changed structure of name spaces - Proofs for datatypes with unneeded parameters are working now - added additional parameter flat_names - added quiet_mode flag
1998-09-26 berghofe 1998-09-26 Package now chooses type variable names more carefully to avoid clashes with user-supplied type variable names.
1998-08-06 berghofe 1998-08-06 Improved well-formedness check.
1998-07-24 berghofe 1998-07-24 New datatype definition package