1998-06-30 berghofe 1998-06-30 Removed structure Prod_Syntax.
1998-05-27 paulson 1998-05-27 Changed require to requires for MLWorks
1998-04-29 wenzelm 1998-04-29 Theory.require;
1998-04-10 paulson 1998-04-10 can prove the empty relation to be WF
1997-11-03 wenzelm 1997-11-03 CLASET';
1997-10-23 wenzelm 1997-10-23 Sign.stamp_names_of;
1997-10-17 wenzelm 1997-10-17 adapted to qualified names;
1997-07-24 nipkow 1997-07-24 Replaced clumsy rewriting by the new function simplify on thms.
1997-07-23 wenzelm 1997-07-23 tmp fix to accomodate rep_ss changes;
1997-07-04 paulson 1997-07-04 Now catches the error of calling tgoalw when there are no goals to prove, instead of just letting USyntax.list_mk_conj raise an exception
1997-06-23 paulson 1997-06-23 Removal of structure Context and its replacement by a theorem list of congruence rules for use in CONTEXT_REWRITE_RULE (where definitions are processed)
1997-06-05 paulson 1997-06-05 Numerous simplifications and removal of HOL-isms Addition of the "simpset" feature (replacing references to \!simpset)
1997-06-03 paulson 1997-06-03 More de-HOLification: using Free, Const, etc. instead of mk_var, mk_const Changed the TFL functor to a structure (currently called Prim)
1997-05-26 paulson 1997-05-26 Now checks the name of the function being defined
1997-05-22 paulson 1997-05-22 New headers and other minor changes
1997-05-21 paulson 1997-05-21 Basis library input/output primitives; currying the induction rule; removing & from the induction rule
1997-05-20 paulson 1997-05-20 Removal of redundant code (unused or already present in Isabelle. This eliminates HOL compatibility but makes the code smaller and more readable
1997-05-16 paulson 1997-05-16 Subst now moved to directory HOL
1997-05-15 paulson 1997-05-15 TFL now integrated with HOL (more work needed)
1997-01-03 paulson 1997-01-03 Conversion to Basis Library (using prs instead of output)
1996-10-18 paulson 1996-10-18 Konrad Slind's TFL