* Delimiters of outer tokens now produce separate LaTeX macros;
Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:46:30 +0200
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* Delimiters of outer tokens now produce separate LaTeX macros; * isatool usedir: option -C (default true) controls copying of document directory;
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 * Proper output of antiquotations for theory commands involving a
 proof context (such as 'locale' or 'theorem (in loc) ...').
+* Delimiters of outer tokens (string etc.) now produce separate LaTeX
+macros (\isachardoublequoteopen, isachardoublequoteclose etc.).
+* isatool usedir: new option -C (default true) controls whether option
+-D should include a copy of the original document directory; -C false
+prevents unwanted effects such as copying of administrative CVS data.
 *** Pure ***
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 etc.) as well as the sign field in Thm.rep_thm etc. have been retained
 for convenience -- they merely return the theory.
+* Pure: type Type.tsig is superceded by theory in most interfaces.
 * Pure: the Isar proof context type is already defined early in Pure
 as Context.proof (note that ProofContext.context and Proof.context are
 aliases, where the latter is the preferred name).  This enables other