2010-09-07 wenzelm 2010-09-07 Isar_Document.reported_positions: exclude proof state output;
2010-09-07 wenzelm 2010-09-07 Document_View: less aggressive background coloring, departing from classic PG highlighting; tuned colors;
2010-09-07 wenzelm 2010-09-07 report token range after inner parse error -- often provides important clues about misunderstanding concerning lexical phase; tuned color;
2010-09-07 wenzelm 2010-09-07 slightly more robust Plugin.stop -- components might refer to Isabelle.system even after shutdown;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 turned show_hyps and show_tags into proper configuration option;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 discontinued obsolete ProofContext.prems_limit; simplified command setup for 'pr' etc.;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 ML_Context.thm and ML_Context.thms no longer pervasive;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 more explicit indication of Config.raw options, which are only needed for bootstrapping Pure;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 merged
2010-09-06 hoelzl 2010-09-06 When comparing Floats use integers instead of reals (represented as rationals), generates less code when Floats are used.
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 isatest: back to polyml-5.3.0 due to unresolved stability issues of polyml-5.4.0 and HOL/Decision_Procs/Approximation_Ex.thy;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 more antiquotations;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 ML_Context.thm;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 more explicit HOL-Proofs sessions, including former ex/Hilbert_Classical.thy which works in parallel mode without the antiquotation option "margin" (which is still critical);
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 modernized session ROOT setup;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 some results of concurrency code inspection;
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 merged;
2010-09-06 blanchet 2010-09-06 mention ~/.isabelle/etc/settings file
2010-09-06 blanchet 2010-09-06 make remote ATP invocation work for those people who need to go through a proxy; thanks go to Mathieu G. for that fix
2010-09-05 krauss 2010-09-05 enabled do notation for option type
2010-09-05 krauss 2010-09-05 removed duplicate lemma
2010-09-05 krauss 2010-09-05 added Option.bind
2010-09-04 haftmann 2010-09-04 merged
2010-09-04 haftmann 2010-09-04 printing combinator for hierarchical programs
2010-09-04 haftmann 2010-09-04 merged
2010-09-04 huffman 2010-09-04 add lemma cont2cont_Let_simple
2010-09-04 huffman 2010-09-04 add lemma cont2cont_split_simple
2010-09-04 huffman 2010-09-04 add List_Cpo.thy to HOLCF/Library
2010-09-04 haftmann 2010-09-04 dropped names from serializer interface
2010-09-04 haftmann 2010-09-04 added more explicit warning
2010-09-06 wenzelm 2010-09-06 ML_Context.ml_store_thm(s): operate on thread context instead of Unsynchronized.ref;
2010-09-05 wenzelm 2010-09-05 use setmp_noncritical for PGIP, which is presumably sequential (PG clone);
2010-09-05 wenzelm 2010-09-05 use setmp_noncritical for sequential Pure bootstrap;
2010-09-05 wenzelm 2010-09-05 turned show_brackets into proper configuration option; Sign.certify/type_check: dropped Syntax.pp_show_brackets, which is hard to hold up due to Pretty.pp and not even present in the regular end-user type check;
2010-09-05 wenzelm 2010-09-05 Syntax.standard_parse_term: eliminated redundant Pretty.pp;
2010-09-05 wenzelm 2010-09-05 structure Syntax: define "interfaces" before actual implementations;
2010-09-05 wenzelm 2010-09-05 turned show_sorts/show_types into proper configuration options;
2010-09-05 wenzelm 2010-09-05 pretty printing: prefer regular Proof.context over Pretty.pp, which is mostly for special bootstrap purposes involving theory merge, for example;
2010-09-04 wenzelm 2010-09-04 refined treatment of multi-line subexpressions;
2010-09-04 wenzelm 2010-09-04 basic support for subexpression highlighting (see also gatchan.jedit.hyperlinks.HyperlinkManager/HyperlinkTextAreaPainter);
2010-09-04 wenzelm 2010-09-04 updated configuration options;
2010-09-04 wenzelm 2010-09-04 recovered options for goal antiquotations from f45d332a90e3: actually pass context to Proof.pretty_goals (see also 45facd8f358e);
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 turned eta_contract into proper configuration option;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 turned show_structs into proper configuration option;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 configuration options Syntax.ambiguity_enabled (inverse of former Syntax.ambiguity_is_error), Syntax.ambiguity_level (with Isar attribute "syntax_ambiguity_level"), Syntax.ambiguity_limit;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 pretty_goals: turned some global references and function arguments into configuration options (goals_limit = 10, goals_total = true, show_main_goal = false) depending on the context;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 tuned comment;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 merged
2010-09-03 haftmann 2010-09-03 merged
2010-09-03 haftmann 2010-09-03 QND_FLAG is a shell variable, not a string
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 modernized session ROOT;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 disposed left-over user preferences;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 turned show_all_types into proper configuration option;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 treat show_free_types as plain ML option, without the extras of global default and registration in the attribute name space -- NB: 'print_configs' only shows the latter;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 more explicit Config.declare vs. Config.declare_global;
2010-09-03 wenzelm 2010-09-03 turned show_no_free_types into proper configuration option show_free_types, with flipped polarity;
2010-09-03 blanchet 2010-09-03 remove code I submitted accidentally
2010-09-03 blanchet 2010-09-03 merged
2010-09-03 blanchet 2010-09-03 disable "definitional CNF"; it has a bad impact on "Metis_Examples". Perhaps we should use it more selectively, based on how many clauses we would get using the naive method
2010-09-03 blanchet 2010-09-03 redisable Nitpick from Cygwin, until I've investigated the issue