2012-05-23 boehmes 2012-05-23 extend the Z3 proof parser to accept polyadic addition (on integers and reals) due to changes introduced in Z3 4.0
2012-05-23 wenzelm 2012-05-23 merged
2012-05-23 blanchet 2012-05-23 doc updates
2012-05-23 blanchet 2012-05-23 lower the monomorphization thresholds for less scalable provers
2012-05-23 wenzelm 2012-05-23 more explicit proof; misc tuning;
2012-05-23 wenzelm 2012-05-23 tuned proof;
2012-05-23 wenzelm 2012-05-23 prefer symbolic "contrib" -- mira should have a symlink to physical contrib_devel;
2012-05-23 wenzelm 2012-05-23 merged, abandoning change of src/HOL/Tools/ATP/atp_problem_generate.ML from 6ea205a4d7fd;
2012-05-22 blanchet 2012-05-22 compile
2012-05-22 blanchet 2012-05-22 don't apply "ext_cong_neq" to biimplications
2012-05-22 blanchet 2012-05-22 added one slice with configurable simplification turned off
2012-05-22 blanchet 2012-05-22 make higher-order goals more first-order via extensionality
2012-05-22 blanchet 2012-05-22 added "ext_cong_neq" lemma (not used yet); tuning
2012-05-21 kuncar 2012-05-21 use quot_del instead of ML code in Rat.thy
2012-05-21 kuncar 2012-05-21 quot_del attribute, it allows us to deregister quotient types
2012-05-21 blanchet 2012-05-21 invite users to upgrade their SPASS (so we can get rid of old code)
2012-05-21 blanchet 2012-05-21 start phasing out old SPASS
2012-05-21 blanchet 2012-05-21 minor tweak in Vampire setup
2012-05-21 blanchet 2012-05-21 include "ext" in all Satallax proofs
2012-05-21 blanchet 2012-05-21 add an experimental "aggressive" mode to Sledgehammer, to experiment with more complete translations of higher-order features without breaking "metis"
2012-05-21 blanchet 2012-05-21 tuning
2012-05-21 blanchet 2012-05-21 added helper -- cf. SET616^5
2012-05-18 kuncar 2012-05-18 note Quotient theorem for typedefs in setup_lifting
2012-05-18 blanchet 2012-05-18 added a timeout to "try0" in Mirabelle
2012-05-18 kuncar 2012-05-18 don't generate code in Word because it breaks the current code setup
2012-05-17 blanchet 2012-05-17 robustly parse Z3 4.0's output (with outcome appearing on first rather than last line)
2012-05-17 blanchet 2012-05-17 added "Collect_cong" to cover extensionality of "Collect" (special cases of "ext" pass through the relevant filter)
2012-05-16 kuncar 2012-05-16 remove the generation of a code certificate from the Quotient package (mainly from quotient_def), because it's in lift_definition now
2012-05-16 kuncar 2012-05-16 generate abs_eq, use it as a code equation for total quotients; no_abs_code renamed to no_code; added no_code for quotient_type command
2012-05-16 kuncar 2012-05-16 infrastructure that makes possible to prove that a relation is reflexive
2012-05-16 blanchet 2012-05-16 temporarily disable "ext" rule helpers until Metis supports them (and until they are properly evaluated)
2012-05-16 blanchet 2012-05-16 lower skolem penalty to ensure that some useful facts with existentials, e.g. congruence of "setsum", eventually get picked up
2012-05-16 blanchet 2012-05-16 treat sets specially in relevance filter, as they used to, to avoid cluttering the problem with facts about Set.member and Collect
2012-05-16 blanchet 2012-05-16 get ready for automatic generation of extensionality helpers
2012-05-16 blanchet 2012-05-16 minor slice tweaking (swapped two slices to move polymorphic encoding up a bit)
2012-05-16 blanchet 2012-05-16 more helpful error message
2012-05-15 huffman 2012-05-15 transfer rules for many more list constants
2012-05-15 blanchet 2012-05-15 made SML/NJ happy
2012-05-15 blanchet 2012-05-15 repair the Waldmeister endgame only for Waldmeister proofs
2012-05-15 blanchet 2012-05-15 fixed Waldmeister commutativity hack
2012-05-15 blanchet 2012-05-15 imported patch atp_tuning
2012-05-15 huffman 2012-05-15 add transfer rules for nat_rec and funpow
2012-05-14 huffman 2012-05-14 add transfer rule for constant List.lists
2012-05-14 huffman 2012-05-14 add transfer rule for set_rel
2012-05-14 blanchet 2012-05-14 ensure the "show" equation is not reoriented by Waldmeister
2012-05-14 blanchet 2012-05-14 ensure consistent naming of Waldmeister proof steps, so that they are not cleaned away by "clean_up_atp_proof_dependencies"
2012-05-14 blanchet 2012-05-14 repaired snag in debug function
2012-05-14 blanchet 2012-05-14 graceful handling of Waldmeister endgame
2012-05-14 blanchet 2012-05-14 improve parsing of Waldmeister dependencies (and kill obsolete hack)
2012-05-14 blanchet 2012-05-14 tuning
2012-05-14 blanchet 2012-05-14 added debugging function
2012-05-13 blanchet 2012-05-13 LEO-II's "--sos" option confusingly disables rather than enables SOS, and SOS seems to be ignored anyway; also, pass a number of facts that's more appropriate for each prover
2012-05-13 blanchet 2012-05-13 eta-reduce definition-like equations for THF provers; Satallax in particular seems to love that
2012-05-13 blanchet 2012-05-13 get rid of "conj_sym_kind" -- most interesting provers now have built-in sorts, and for the others (e.g. E) "Hypothesis" isn't too bad a default
2012-05-13 blanchet 2012-05-13 extend ATP data structure to avoid having to perform ((non-)capture avoiding) beta reduction -- fixes a bug in the THF translation of "is_measure.simps"
2012-05-11 blanchet 2012-05-11 reintroduced example now that it's no longer broken
2012-05-11 blanchet 2012-05-11 fixed "real" after they were redefined as a 'quotient_type'
2012-05-10 huffman 2012-05-10 temporarily comment out broken nitpick example; adapt to new definition of type rat
2012-05-10 huffman 2012-05-10 simplify instance proofs for rat
2012-05-10 huffman 2012-05-10 convert Rat.thy to use lift_definition/transfer