2010-10-07 huffman 2010-10-07 remove some junk that made it in by accient
2010-10-11 blanchet 2010-10-11 "setup" in theory
2010-10-11 blanchet 2010-10-11 added "trace_meson" configuration option, replacing old-fashioned reference
2010-10-11 blanchet 2010-10-11 added "trace_metis" configuration option, replacing old-fashioned references
2010-10-10 krauss 2010-10-10 do not mention unqualified names, now that 'global' and 'local' are gone
2010-10-10 nipkow 2010-10-10 simplified proof
2010-10-10 blanchet 2010-10-10 avoid generating several formulas with the same name ("tfrees")
2010-10-06 huffman 2010-10-06 major reorganization/simplification of HOLCF type classes: removed profinite/bifinite classes and approx function; universal domain uses approx_chain locale instead of bifinite class; ideal_completion locale does not use 'take' functions, requires countable basis instead; replaced type 'udom alg_defl' with type 'sfp'; replaced class 'rep' with class 'sfp'; renamed REP('a) to SFP('a);
2010-10-05 Brian Huffman 2010-10-05 add lemma finite_deflation_intro
2010-10-05 Brian Huffman 2010-10-05 add lemmas finite_deflation_imp_compact, cast_below_cast_iff
2010-10-05 Brian Huffman 2010-10-05 move lemmas to Deflation.thy
2010-10-05 Brian Huffman 2010-10-05 simplify proofs of powerdomain inequalities
2010-10-04 huffman 2010-10-04 new lemmas about lub
2010-10-04 huffman 2010-10-04 define is_ub predicate using bounded quantifier
2010-10-02 huffman 2010-10-02 minimize theory imports
2010-10-01 huffman 2010-10-01 added lemmas to List_Cpo.thy
2010-09-30 huffman 2010-09-30 new_domain emits proper error message when a constructor argument type does not have sort 'rep'
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 move code from "Metis_Tactics" to "Metis_Reconstruct"
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 merged
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 qualify "Meson." and "Metis." constants so that the ML files can be reloaded later (e.g. for testing/development)
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 get rid of function that duplicates existing Pure functionality
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 remove needless fact
2010-10-06 blanchet 2010-10-06 added a few FIXMEs
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 tuned comments
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 document latest changes to Meson/Metis/Sledgehammer
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 remove needless Metis facts
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 hide one more name
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 qualify names
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 hide uninteresting MESON/Metis constants and facts and remove "meson_" prefix to (now hidden) fact names
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 clean up debugging output
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 factor out "ATP" from "Sledgehammer" (cf. "SAT" vs. "Refute", etc.) -- the theories now reflect the directory structure
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 got rid of overkill "meson_choice" attribute; tuning
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 more explicit name
2010-10-05 blanchet 2010-10-05 factor out "Meson_Tactic" from "Meson_Clausify"
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 tuning
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 move Metis into Plain
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 added "Meson" theory to Makefile
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 update authors
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 remove Meson from Hilbert_Choice
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 remove Meson from Sledgehammer
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 move Meson to Plain
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 move MESON files together
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 paramify new skolems just like old ones (cf. reveal_old_skolem_terms)
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 fixed two bugs in new skolemizer: instantiations now take types into consideration, and rotate_tac is given the proper offset
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 correctly handle multiple copies of the same axiom with the same types
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 put two operations in the right order
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 reintroduce old "unify_prem_with_concl" code to avoid reaching unification bound + primitive handling for polymorphism
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 apply "assume_tac" directly on the right assumption, using "rotate_tac" -- this ensures that the desired unifications are performed
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 instantiate foralls and release exists in the order described by the topological order
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 reverted 0bfaaa81fc62, since "Thm.rename_boundvars" can't be relied upon to give unique names to bound variables
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 renamed internal function
2010-10-04 blanchet 2010-10-04 hack in MESON to make it less likely that variables (e.g. "x") get renamed (e.g. "xa") when resolving
2010-10-06 haftmann 2010-10-06 tuned header
2010-10-05 krauss 2010-10-05 tuned
2010-10-05 krauss 2010-10-05 force less agressively
2010-10-05 krauss 2010-10-05 lexicographic_order: replace parallel map with laziness to avoid wasting cycles on proofs that are not needed
2010-10-05 krauss 2010-10-05 removed complicated (and rarely helpful) error reporting
2010-10-05 krauss 2010-10-05 discontinued continuations to simplify control flow; dropped optimization in scnp
2010-10-05 krauss 2010-10-05 use Cache structure instead of passing tables around explicitly
2010-10-05 haftmann 2010-10-05 merged