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Isabelle Binary Distribution

The binary distribution of {ISABELLE} for rpm-based Linux/x86 systems:


<!-- _GP_ setdowncolor("#E0E0E0") -->
<table border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="4" width="520">

  <!-- _GP_ download("ML system", "rpm/smlnj-110.0-3.i386.rpm", "{RPM_SML_SIZE} K") -->
  <!-- _GP_ download("Isabelle system", "rpm/isabelle.rpm", "{RPM_BASE_SIZE} K") -->
  <!-- _GP_ download("Isabelle/HOL image", "rpm/isabelle-HOL.i386.rpm", "{RPM_HOL_SIZE} K") -->
  <!-- _GP_ download("Isabelle/HOL-Real image (optional)", "rpm/isabelle-HOL-Real.i386.rpm", "{RPM_REAL_SIZE} K") -->
  <!-- _GP_ download("Isabelle/ZF image (optional)", "rpm/isabelle-ZF.i386.rpm", "{RPM_ZF_SIZE} K") -->
  <!-- _GP_ download("Isabelle pdf documentation (optional)", "rpm/isabelle-pdfdocs.rpm", "{RPM_DOCS_SIZE} K") -->




Example installation procedure:

rpm -i smlnj-110.0-3.i386.rpm 
rpm -i --prefix /usr/share isabelle.rpm             
rpm -i --prefix /usr/share isabelle-HOL.i386.rpm    


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