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2009-02-02 ago updated type class section
2009-01-22 ago dropped print_interps
2009-01-19 ago "code equation" replaces "defining equation"
2008-11-13 ago removed "includes" element (lost update?);
2008-11-13 ago added section "Co-regularity of type classes and arities" (variant from old ref manual);
2008-11-13 ago minor tuning (according to old ref manual);
2008-11-13 ago separate chapter "Inner syntax --- the term language";
2008-11-13 ago updated/refined types of Isar language elements, removed special LaTeX macros;
2008-11-13 ago unified use of declaration environment with IsarImplementation;
2008-11-13 ago added bind_thm, bind_thms;
2008-11-13 ago tuned section "Incorporating ML code";
2008-11-13 ago tuned section "Oracles";
2008-11-13 ago reworked "Defining Theories";
2008-11-10 ago Made doc compatible with the system.
2008-09-18 ago simplified oracle interface;
2008-09-17 ago added ML_prf;
2008-09-03 ago axiomatization is now global-only;
2008-09-02 ago Interpretation commands no longer accept interpretation attributes.
2008-07-25 ago dropped locale (open)
2008-06-14 ago removed exotic 'token_translation' command;
2008-06-03 ago class_deps: improper;
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