2015-12-31 ago tuned;
2015-11-23 ago updated platform baseline to Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion;
2015-09-30 ago renamed jvmpath to platform_path;
2014-11-22 ago isatest for Mac OS X Yosemite;
2014-10-24 ago discontinued python from standard system environment;
2014-02-12 ago more platform notes;
2014-02-11 ago Mac OS X Lion (macbroy6) is baseline for portable executables;
2012-09-05 ago misc tuning;
2012-08-17 ago tuned;
2012-08-17 ago updates on 32 bit vs. 64 bit platforms;
2011-12-28 ago updated platform information;
2011-09-18 ago more Mac OS reference hardware;
2011-09-11 ago some updates of PLATFORMS;
2011-04-20 ago updated reference machines;
2011-01-31 ago more platform hints;
2011-01-07 ago tuned
2010-11-28 ago updated reference platforms;
2010-04-19 ago some updates on multi-platform support;
2010-03-06 ago Some notes on platform support of Isabelle.