2014-10-27 ago clarified ISABELLE_JDK_HOME vs. JAVA_HOME;
2014-07-23 ago more workarounds for scalac;
2014-04-23 ago updated workaround;
2013-09-12 ago tuned comments;
2013-09-07 ago odd workaround for scalac to enable nohup;
2012-09-05 ago eliminated potentially confusing terminology of Scala "layer";
2012-08-28 ago more formal build_doc tool (Admin only);
2012-08-06 ago discontinued presumably obsolete attempts at doc-src testing (cf. 3b02b0ef8d48, 89cc3dfb383b);
2012-07-25 ago rail no longer exists;
2012-04-09 ago slightly faster default compilation of Isabelle/Scala;
2012-03-26 ago more robust command invocation via ISABELLE_JDK_HOME or SCALA_HOME (NB: bash exec requires genuine executable, not function);
2012-03-14 ago doc-src build option (for emerging mira configuration)
2011-11-07 ago offline build of java_ext_dirs.jar, to avoid runtime dependency on javac/jar executables;
2011-09-26 ago ensure Isabelle env;
2011-06-23 ago provide Isabelle/Scala environment as Java extension, instead of user classpath
2011-06-08 ago support fresh build of jars;
2010-01-11 ago clarified terminology;
2010-01-09 ago pass build error code;
2010-01-06 ago tuned Isabelle/Scala build;
2010-01-06 ago simplified build/bootstrap of graph browser -- avoid make;
2010-01-06 ago simplified build/bootstrap of Isabelle/Scala components -- avoid make;
2009-06-28 ago clarified "jars" target;
2008-12-28 ago disabled old jedit plugin;
2008-12-23 ago updated scala path;
2008-12-03 ago eliminated traces of old Distribution directory;
2008-10-04 ago simplified main Isabelle executables: removed Isabelle and isabelle (replaced by isabelle-process), renamed isatool to isabelle;
2008-10-04 ago replaced ISATOOL by ISABELLE_TOOL;
2008-08-23 ago jars: removed obsolete Java process wrapper (cf. new Pure.jar);
2008-08-16 ago more robust handling of directory layout variants;
2008-08-15 ago jars: build Pure.jar;
2008-07-19 ago build jedit plugin only if jedit is available;
2008-07-18 ago fixed Scala path;
2008-07-17 ago tuned build order;
2008-07-17 ago less verbosity;
2008-07-17 ago Administrative build -- finish Isabelle source distribution.