2016-03-29 ago added sketchy 'corec' documentation
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2013-09-21 ago basic setup for Isabelle/jEdit documentation;
2013-07-30 ago sketched documentation for new (co)datatype package
2013-07-07 ago reduced number of old manuals: chapter HOL is back again to the Logics manual by Larry;
2013-06-18 ago eliminated old "ref" manual;
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2012-08-28 ago removed historic manual;
2012-04-03 ago prefer prog-prove, suppress isar-overview;
2012-04-03 ago formal integration of "prog-prove" manual;
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2010-05-14 ago added Sledgehammer documentation to TOC
2009-10-26 ago added nitpick manual here;
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2009-03-04 ago Merge.
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2009-02-15 ago explicit section for old/outdated manuals, which are still informative to some extent;
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2006-10-10 ago added IsarAdvanced material
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