2017-04-09 ago NEWS;
2017-04-09 ago added system option record_proofs, which allows to build HOL-Proofs without special Proofs.thy;
2017-04-06 ago session containing computational algebra
2017-04-04 ago moved AFP material to Formal_Power_Series; renamed E/L/F in Formal_Power_Series
2017-03-19 ago updated to jedit-5.4.0;
2017-03-10 ago restored surj as output abbreviation, amending 6af79184bef3
2017-03-02 ago Knaster-Tarski fixed point theorem and Galois Connections.
2017-03-01 ago more uniform platform settings;
2017-02-28 ago more detailed platform information;
2017-02-28 ago Renamed ii to imaginary_unit in order to free up ii as a variable name. Also replaced some legacy def commands
2017-02-27 ago Some new lemmas thanks to Lukas Bulwahn. Also, NEWS.
2017-02-27 ago clarified defaults;
2017-02-26 ago tuned whitespace;
2017-02-26 ago re-established AFP entry for FinFuns as library
2017-02-24 ago avoid Unicode that conflicts with Isabelle symbol rendering;
2017-02-22 ago more precise NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2017-02-22 ago basic documentation for computations
2017-02-13 ago renaming multiset simprocs
2017-02-04 ago more uniform use of Reconstruct.clean_proof_of;
2017-01-17 ago removed some old ASCII syntax;
2017-01-15 ago clarified settings;
2017-01-15 ago tuned whitespace;
2017-01-11 ago generalized types in lemmas
2017-01-10 ago support "purge" operation on document model;
2017-01-09 ago Jordan Curve Theorem
2017-01-09 ago NEWS for VSCode;
2017-01-08 ago more documentation;
2017-01-04 ago tuned NEWS
2017-01-04 ago reworked to provide auxiliary operations Euclidean_Algorithm.* to instantiate gcd etc. for euclidean rings
2017-01-04 ago moved euclidean ring to HOL
2016-12-22 ago proper logical constants
2016-12-21 ago prefer existing logical constant over abbreviation
2016-12-21 ago dropped aliasses
2016-12-18 ago tuned whitespace;
2016-12-18 ago added isabelle jedit -R;
2016-12-17 ago reoriented congruence rules in non-explosive direction
2016-12-12 ago merged
2016-12-12 ago proper session HOL-Types_To_Sets;
2016-12-08 ago remove typo in bij_swap_compose_bij theorem name; tune proof
2016-11-29 ago don't generate 'size_gen_o_map' property if its type variable is too limited anyway to be useful
2016-11-27 ago merged
2016-11-27 ago NEWS for e6a3c55b929b;
2016-11-24 ago clarified NEWS concerning Library/Poly_Deriv
2016-11-20 ago more on "Formal scopes and semantic selection";
2016-11-03 ago tuned
2016-11-03 ago tuned
2016-11-01 ago back to post-release mode -- after fork point;
2016-10-25 ago tuned;
2016-10-25 ago misc tuning for release;
2016-10-24 ago added Nunchaku integration
2016-10-24 ago Updated NEWS/CONTRIBUTORS w.r.t. Old_Number_Theory
2016-10-22 ago regular user tool;
2016-10-20 ago tuned
2016-10-18 ago NEWS
2016-10-19 ago merged
2016-10-19 ago added system option "profiling";
2016-10-18 ago suitable logical type class for abs, sgn
2016-10-17 ago NEWS;
2016-10-17 ago re-use "threads" for --gcthreads;
2016-10-16 ago isabelle build -N;