2017-04-12 ago clarified loaded_theories: map to qualified theory name;
2017-04-12 ago early check and normalization of session directory, e.g. relevant for path information passed to ML process, which may have a different CWD;
2017-04-11 ago more informative known_files: known_theories within the local session directory come first;
2017-04-11 ago support for known theories files (according to multiple uses);
2017-04-10 ago proper import qualifier for global theories;
2017-04-10 ago explicit theory qualifier for session "HOL-Proofs": its theory name space overlaps with session "HOL", even for further imports;
2017-04-08 ago more qualifier treatment, but in the end it is still ignored;
2017-04-08 ago more session_base information in ML;
2017-04-07 ago tuned;
2017-04-07 ago tuned comment;
2017-04-07 ago more explicit lookup of loaded_theories: base names allowed here;
2017-04-07 ago support for all_known_theories of all sessions;
2017-04-07 ago tuned;
2017-04-07 ago known_theories from imported sessions;
2017-04-07 ago tuned;
2017-04-07 ago more checks;
2017-04-07 ago tuned signature;
2017-04-07 ago support for static session imports, without affect build hierarchy;
2017-04-07 ago explicit Sessions.Selection;
2017-04-06 ago clarified signature: tree structure is not essential;
2017-04-06 ago tuned whitespace;
2017-04-06 ago clarified fall-back name;
2017-04-06 ago tuned signature;
2017-04-06 ago clarified modules;
2017-04-05 ago uniform import_name, with treatment of global and qualified theories;
2017-04-05 ago tuned signature;
2017-04-04 ago tuned signature;
2017-04-04 ago tuned syntax;
2017-04-04 ago clarified: allow to qualify theories from ROOT;
2017-04-04 ago refer to global_theories from all sessions, before selection;
2017-04-04 ago tuned signature;
2017-04-03 ago tuned;
2017-04-03 ago provide session qualifier via resources;
2017-04-03 ago tuned signature;
2017-03-19 ago proper primary key;
2017-03-19 ago tuned;
2017-03-19 ago tuned;
2017-03-19 ago access table via session_name: db may in principle contain multiple entries;
2017-03-19 ago eliminated somewhat redundant inlined name (despite a7aa17a1f721);
2017-03-17 ago tuned;
2017-03-17 ago proper columns;
2017-03-17 ago tuned signature;
2017-03-17 ago more general signature: not limited to SQLite;
2017-03-17 ago maintain persistent session info in SQLite database instead of log file;
2017-03-17 ago tuned;
2017-03-17 ago tuned message;
2017-03-17 ago clarified signature;
2017-03-17 ago more selective queries;
2017-03-17 ago clarified data representation;
2017-03-17 ago data representation with XML.Cache;
2017-03-17 ago clarified name;
2017-03-16 ago SQL database operations for combined session info;
2017-03-16 ago tuned signature;
2017-03-15 ago unused;
2017-03-15 ago clarified fall-back base, e.g. relevant for "isabelle jedit -l BAD";
2017-03-15 ago clarified modules;
2017-01-09 ago clarified modules;
2016-10-02 ago tuned whitespace;
2016-07-11 ago clarified keywords;
2016-04-19 ago more IDE support for Isabelle/Pure bootstrap;