2017-04-12 ago clarified loaded_theories: map to qualified theory name;
2017-04-10 ago proper import qualifier for global theories;
2017-04-08 ago more session_base information in ML;
2017-04-07 ago tuned;
2017-04-07 ago provide session base for "isabelle build" and "isabelle console" ML process;
2017-04-07 ago support for static session imports, without affect build hierarchy;
2017-04-07 ago explicit Sessions.Selection;
2017-04-06 ago clarified signature: tree structure is not essential;
2016-12-13 ago more tight thread attributes, based in internal word arithmetic instead of symbolic datatypes: measurable performance improvement;
2016-10-18 ago clarified modules;
2016-10-17 ago re-use "threads" for --gcthreads;
2016-10-01 ago options for process policy, notably for multiprocessor machines;
2016-04-07 ago section headings for ROOT.ML;
2016-04-07 ago more conventional theory syntax for ML bootstrap, with 'ML_file' instead of 'use';
2016-04-06 ago proper return code;
2016-04-04 ago clarified bootstrap -- avoid conditional compilation in ROOT.ML;
2016-04-03 ago prefer internal tool -- assuming that ISABELLE_TMP_PREFIX is created properly by Isabelle_System.isabelle_tmp_prefix;
2016-03-26 ago clarified use of options;
2016-03-26 ago avoid hardwired values;
2016-03-18 ago isabelle process -T THEORY;
2016-03-18 ago clarified print depth;
2016-03-18 ago discontinued slightly odd "secure" mode;
2016-03-17 ago clarified modules;
2016-03-16 ago pro-forma selection for improved error message;
2016-03-16 ago eliminated without magic name;
2016-03-16 ago isabelle process -d;
2016-03-16 ago tuned signature;
2016-03-16 ago support for Poly/ML heap hierarchy, which saves a lot of disk space;
2016-03-16 ago less physical "logic" argument, with option -l like "isabelle console" etc.;
2016-03-15 ago find heaps uniformly via Sessions.Store;
2016-03-15 ago clarified prompt: "ML" usually means Isabelle/ML;
2016-03-13 ago prefer Scala over bash function;
2016-03-13 ago more uniform signature for various process invocations;
2016-03-12 ago tuned;
2016-03-12 ago clarified cleanup;
2016-03-12 ago more thorough cleanup -- in Scala;
2016-03-12 ago create ISABELLE_TMP in Scala (despite odd/obsolete chmod in d84b4d39bce1);
2016-03-12 ago obsolete (cf. 63a5782c764e);
2016-03-10 ago isabelle_process is superseded by "isabelle process" tool;
2016-03-10 ago clarified modules;