2007-05-31 ago simplified/unified list fold;
2007-04-15 ago removed unused Output.panic hook -- internal to PG wrapper;
2007-04-14 ago Term.string_of_vname;
2007-04-04 ago removed unused info channel;
2007-03-03 ago Simplify print mode. Support setproverflag.
2007-03-03 ago Fix idvalue output and PGML print mode raw encode/decode.
2007-02-17 ago Fix <pgipquit>. Remove unused pgmlatomsN. Make showid match askids. Use string functions for showid, avoiding printwrap kludge.
2007-02-06 ago askids/qualified_thms_of_thy: version which returns names in domain of get_thm
2007-02-05 ago proper use of NameSpace.is_qualified (avoids compatibility issues of the SML B library);
2007-02-01 ago proper use of PureThy.has_name_hint instead of hard-wired string'';
2007-01-31 ago Fix tell_thm_deps to match changse in PureThy.
2007-01-30 ago Tweak preferences for PGIP interfaces. Make <askids> return theory successors instead of parents (ideally should be content elements).
2007-01-24 ago Let <loadfile> execute even while a file is open interactively.
2007-01-22 ago Expose currently open file
2007-01-22 ago Comment
2007-01-09 ago Cleanup message model: add info fatality level. Add informfileoutdated and some use of completed flag.
2007-01-07 ago Be more chatty in PGIP file operations.
2007-01-05 ago removed Toplevel.print_exn hook -- existing error_msg_fn does the job;
2007-01-04 ago Use warning fatality
2007-01-04 ago eliminated
2007-01-03 ago Use Isar toplevel print_exn_fn for generating error responses instead of Output.error_msg.
2006-12-31 ago Initialise parser at startup. Remove some obsolete ProofGeneral.XXX outer syntax, mapping PGIP commands directly to Isar.
2006-12-30 ago removed dead code;
2006-12-30 ago removed conditional combinator;
2006-12-30 ago inform_file_processed: Toplevel.init_empty;
2006-12-29 ago removed obsolete context_thy etc.;
2006-12-29 ago minor tuning;
2006-12-27 ago made SML/NJ happy
2006-12-19 ago Remove obsolete prefixes from error and warning messages.
2006-12-17 ago Add abstraction for objtypes and documents.
2006-12-15 ago avoid conflict with Alice keywords: renamed pack -> implode, unpack -> explode, any -> many, avoided assert;
2006-12-05 ago Document structure in pgip_markup.ML. Minor fixes.
2006-12-05 ago Support PGIP communication for preferences in Emacs mode.
2006-12-05 ago thm/prf: separate official name vs. additional tags;
2006-12-04 ago Add separate PG Emacs configuration
2006-12-04 ago Revamped Proof General interface.