2008-03-06 ago removed obsolete THIS_IS_ISABELLE_BUILD feature: change environment after getsettings (works due to static scoping);
2005-12-01 ago replaced lib/scripts/showtime by more advanced lib/scripts/timestart|stop.bash;
2005-09-26 ago echo HOL_USERDIR_OPTIONS;
2005-09-21 ago echo HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS;
2005-05-17 ago proper treatment of directory links;
2005-04-28 ago make symlink handling compatible with whitespaces
2005-04-26 ago improved handling of symlinks;
2005-04-20 ago Removed remaining references to Main.thy in reconstruction code.
2004-06-21 ago Merged in license change from Isabelle2004
2003-06-02 ago remove -p option, separate setting available
2003-05-23 ago make it possible to switch off proof objects
2000-11-30 ago /usr/bin/env bash;
2000-11-22 ago tuned;
2000-09-03 ago GPLed;
2000-09-01 ago GPLed;
1999-10-20 ago option -m TARGET;
1999-10-07 ago unset ISABELLE_SETTINGS_PRESENT;
1999-08-20 ago echo ML_PLATFORM;
1999-08-19 ago improved messages;
1999-02-08 ago -i option;
1998-08-27 ago fixed ISABELLE_USEDIR_OPTIONS;
1998-08-27 ago tuned;
1998-01-19 ago make images;
1997-12-19 ago tuned;
1997-05-20 ago fixed bash path;
1997-05-14 ago renamed DEFAULT_LOGIC to ISABELLE_LOGIC;
1997-04-22 ago removed -norc;
1997-04-11 ago fixed { ... } shell syntax to accomodate bash 2.x;
1997-04-07 ago added -t (run tests) option;
1997-04-04 ago improved messages;
1997-04-04 ago added -b option (batch mode);
1997-04-02 ago misc improvements;
1997-03-11 ago major tuning;
1997-03-11 ago added THIS_IS_ISABELLE_BUILD;
1997-03-07 ago fixed src path;
1997-03-07 ago tuned comment;
1997-03-07 ago build - compile parts of the Isabelle system;