2010-07-13 ago canonical argument order for get
2010-07-13 ago canonical argument order for length
2010-07-13 ago proper merge of operation changes and generic do-syntax
2010-07-13 ago merged
2010-07-13 ago hide_const; update replaces change
2010-07-13 ago Heap_Monad uses Monad_Syntax
2010-07-12 ago moved auxiliary lemma
2010-07-12 ago spelt out relational framework in a consistent way
2010-07-06 ago even more fun with primrec
2010-07-05 ago moved "open" operations from Heap.thy to Array.thy and Ref.thy
2010-07-05 ago moved special operation array_ran here
2010-07-05 ago simplified representation of monad type
2010-06-18 ago tuned set_replicate lemmas
2010-04-15 ago theory RBT with abstract type of red-black trees backed by implementation RBT_Impl
2010-04-08 ago added imperative SAT checker; improved headers of example files; adopted IsaMakefile