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2011-01-15 ago Added entry for HOL-SPARK
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2011-01-11 ago updated to Isabelle2011;
2010-11-05 ago proper spelling;
2010-11-05 ago Extend convex analysis by Bogdan Grechuk
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2010-08-23 ago Rewrite the Probability theory.
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2009-11-22 ago misc tuning and updates for official release;
2009-11-19 ago Added the contributions of Robert Himmelmann to CONTRIBUTIONS and NEWS
2009-11-12 ago added a tabled implementation of the reflexive transitive closure
2009-11-12 ago announcing the predicate compiler in NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2009-11-03 ago added HOL-Boogie
2009-10-26 ago merged
2009-10-22 ago added Nitpick's theory and ML files to Isabelle/HOL;
2009-10-26 ago misc tuning and updates;
2009-10-20 ago added proof reconstructon for Z3,
2009-10-19 ago CONTRIBUTORS
2009-09-29 ago Thomas Sewell, NICTA: more efficient HOL/record implementation;
2009-09-18 ago added new method "smt": an oracle-based connection to external SMT solvers
2009-09-18 ago tuned NEWS, added CONTRIBUTORS
2009-07-24 ago Functionality for sum of squares to call a remote csdp prover
2009-07-14 ago NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
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2009-04-25 ago post Isabelle2009 version;
2009-04-08 ago updated official title of contribution by Johannes Hoelzl;
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2009-02-28 ago A Serbian theory, by Filip Maric.
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2009-02-13 ago added find_consts to NEWS and CONTRIBUTORS
2009-02-11 ago updated NEWS etc with "solves" criterion and auto_solves
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2008-12-27 ago tuned NEWS; CONTRIBUTORS
2008-12-20 ago removed Ids;
2008-11-28 ago added Tim's find_theorems performance patch
2008-10-15 ago generic ATP manager based on threads (by Fabian Immler);
2008-10-03 ago Vampire wrapper script for remote SystemOnTPTP service (by Fabian Immler);
2008-05-28 ago more contribs;
2008-05-12 ago misc tuning;
2008-04-22 ago added entries
2008-03-05 ago HOL/Library/RBT.thy;
2007-11-26 ago Peter Lammich: HOL-Lattice lemmas;
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