2009-01-27 ago more explicit indication of mutable collections;
2009-01-20 ago Command: added name field and toString;
2009-01-20 ago Command: turned content into plain val;
2009-01-20 ago tuned handling of accumulated results;
2009-01-19 ago joined Document with ProofDocument;
2009-01-19 ago eliminated explicit method equals, which is always behind == / != anyway in Scala;
2009-01-19 ago superficial tuning;
2009-01-19 ago replaced type parameter C by Command (thanks to globally simultaneous scope);
2009-01-16 ago tuned import;
2008-12-29 ago - renamed Command.Phase to Command.Status (cf. src/Pure/Isar/isar.ML);
2008-12-28 ago command id via Isabelle.plugin;
2008-12-19 ago misc tuning;
2008-12-19 ago added some headers and comments;
2008-12-10 ago structure of markup-tree in scala, keep track of swing-nodes in background
2008-12-08 ago MarkupNode instead of DefaultMutableTreeNode and RelativeAsset
2008-12-07 ago interpretation of STATUS messages in one place, deleting inner syntax
2008-12-07 ago no syserr
2008-12-07 ago handle statuses in Command
2008-12-07 ago command property: offset relative to start of command
2008-11-30 ago removed debugging output
2008-11-30 ago basic tree structure for sidekick
2008-11-28 ago ugly fine-grained buffer markup
2008-11-28 ago arbitrary type for tokens
2008-10-19 ago original sources from Johannes Hölzl a48e0c6ab1aea77c52d596f7efc007a543d3d10c with minor modifications of directory layout;